Celebrations and Festivals in the United Kingdom

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The United Kingdom boasts diverse cultures and traditions as it’s formed by several countries. There are traditional celebrations, festivals, public holidays, religious and royal celebrations among other events. This is one of the best times to visit the country and see how locals have fun. 

The Burn’s Night

If you are in Scotland on January 25th, then you will witness the locals as they celebrate Robert Burns. The Burn’s night is dedicated to a Scottish poet where the locals not only feast and dance, but they also recite ‘Auld Lang Syne’ one of his poems. A dish made of liver, heart, and lungs marks the event. 

St. David’s Day

In honor of St. David, this day is celebrated on March 1 in Wales. There are different religious events and parades that take place. The dish of the day is usually a meal of bacon, assorted vegetables, and lamb in a soup. The locals wear daffodils to honor a man who spread Christianity in the country. 


The Hindu community in the United Kingdom holds the festival of colors every 12th March. The event that is known as Holi is a fun one to attend as people their varying colors on each other. Special dishes are also prepared during a time that locals bid winter goodbye and welcome summer. 

St. George Day

St. George, the patron saint of England is celebrated on April 23. Before the partying starts, a parade is conducted with St. George Cross flag. The Roman soldier is celebrated for having saved the princess after he killed a dragon. 

New Year’s Day

If you are in the United Kingdom on January 1, you will not be disappointed. Just like in most parts of the world, there are celebrations in homes, clubs and on the streets..

But if you are lucky enough to be in the UK you are in for a treat. It all starts when Big Ben strikes at midnight. There are dances, music, parties and special dishes are prepared. If you are in Scotland, the locals start by reciting the Auld Lang Syne, a traditional anthem by a famous poet. 

London Fashion Week

For fashion enthusiasts in London, this is always a treat for them. Taking place twice a year, this is a chance to learn about the latest trends in fashion. It’s attended by people from across the globe. It’s held in mid-September and in February. For a chance to see the displays, it’s recommended that you buy your tickets in advance.

The Battle of the Boyne

On July 12 every year, Northern Ireland celebrates the Battle of Boyne. They commemorate the winning of the battle between Kings of Scotland, Ireland, Prince William, and English in the 17th century.